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6 Clever Ways To Make Your Blog Content More Visible

Your Blog Won’t Matter If It Is Not Seen

One of the most crucial digital tools at your disposal is your blog and knowing how to optimize its efficiency is what will make it more powerful. You must attract readers to your content if you want to improve your brand identity. Also, your blog won’t matter if it is not seen!

Additionally, the visibility of your blog content will significantly impact the visibility of your business in the market. Therefore, it is important to spend your time and money enhancing its awareness and visibility.

The following are some clever ways to make your blog content more visible.

Revise and Update Old Blog Content

Most people forget about their blogs once they’re published and never update them. However, you must make republishing and revising blogs a priority. This will give you a chance to enhance readability, correct outdated content or content that’s no longer accurate, and add new links to fresh content on your website. In addition, you will have the chance to improve your conversion rates and boost traffic, as well as your website rankings.

There are many other benefits of revising and republishing old blog posts. Therefore, make it a part of your content marketing strategy to do so. Also, it’s quite worth it to set aside part of your marketing time to do this, depending on the number of blogs you have.

Alternatively, you can update a specific number of old posts, giving more focus to blogs that have the most value to your company.

Republish Popular Blog Posts on Social Media

There can be many reasons for republishing a blog post; you might want to republish posts because of partnerships, promotions, and events. However, republishing successful posts on social media is the best thing you can do for the blog’s visibility.

Keep in mind that your best blogs are full of excellent content that your web visitors enjoy reading. Therefore, reposting them on your social media accounts will be an excellent way to boost traffic. That said, make sure you make a few modifications before republishing the posts to guarantee continued success.

To republish your successful blog posts, make sure that the URL is the same, especially when you are performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Note that when you change the URL to your posts, Google will have to recrawl and rerank the page all over again, and you would want that.

Additionally, you will lose all the backlinks that direct readers to your posts, which will greatly affect your website ranking.

Also, keeping in mind that photography trends are always changing, it’s crucial to update the photos in your blogs. Replace your old photos with fresh ones. However, if you think that your photos are relevant to the content, you can keep them.

Recommend Popular Blogs Posts

Sharing some of your popular blogs with readers is another excellent way to increase traffic to your blog and improve its visibility. And since most people won’t come back to check if you have published new blogs, why don’t you take advantage of the recommendation widget to share your popular posts with readers? Doing this will increase traffic to your site and convert the readers into customers.

A recommendation widget will help bring focus to popular blog content, and the best part is that it can be included in the design of your blog to routinely endorse popular blog posts. Also, it will be very important to be careful about the whole process; you will first need to make sure that everything is relevant and up to date. The last thing you want is to drive readers to blog posts with invalid or inaccurate information.

Include Blog Posts in Your Resources Center

A resource center is a section of your website set aside for content meant to attract, educate, engage and convert web visitors. This section might be used by your sales and marketing team to deliver information to the desired target audience. Additionally, they might be used to attract potential customers that are looking for answers to their queries.

However, did you know that you can put your blogs in the resources center? Besides, what’s the importance of a resource center if there is no content? While it can be hard to include a blog in your resources center, it’s worth it. Typically, you must update your website frequently for optimal SEO. Why don’t you kill two birds with one stone and put your best and most popular blog posts in your resource center?

Avoid putting full blogs in the resource center because search engines might nail you for duplicate content. Instead, write a brief abstract to explain the content of the posts and then direct the reader to the entire posts on your blog.

Use Q&A Forums and Niche Sites to Increase Blog Visibility

Did you know that you can get an instant and targeted audience to your blog by taking advantage of Q&A sites? They give you a chance to reach your target audience and engage with a particular community. This will then play a significant role in increasing your SEO and link building, enhancing your brand identity, and boosting your blog traffic.

When using this strategy, make sure to direct readers to a blog that answers the precise question they are asking. Also, make sure that the post you are referencing is relevant and is up to date to avoid being referred to as a reference spammer.

Let Email Subscribers See your Blog

A good way to let your email subscribers know about your posts is by including the content in your email marketing strategy. Most people in your email list do not know about your blog, and chances are they will be glad to read what you have to say.

Therefore, consider promoting your blogs through email marketing by adding new content and call-to-actions to subscribe to your blog, or include a call-to-action for them to subscribe to your blogs as a postscript on all your emails.

Summing Up

There are many ways to increase your blog visibility. Whichever you pick, make sure that you think about your desired audience and find out where they frequent to look for solutions to their problem. Do they visit social media or forums? Use any of the above tips to let them know about your blog.

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