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6 Reasons WordPress is the Ideal Platform for SMBs

6 Reasons SMBs Should Use WordPress

Are you running a small business, wondering how you can get a professional website without a large corporate budget? The good news is that you don’t need a huge budget to get a professional, custom website when you use WordPress.

Although WordPress is known as a blogging platform, it’s actually a powerful content management system (CMS) that was initially built as a blog but has expanded into other areas, including e-commerce. No matter what kind of website you need for your business, you can get what you need with WordPress.

Here’s why small businesses use WordPress.

1. WordPress is open-source

When you build your website, it’s important that you’re able to customize the design and functionality. No theme will be perfect out of the box, and you’ll probably need extra capabilities. When you want a customized website, you need to build it on an open-source platform.Open-source software makes customizations easy.

When software is open-source, it means developers have access to the code, and they can alter, edit, and add anything they wish. This gives you the freedom to hire any developer you want to create custom features and a custom design that embodies your brand.

2. You can customize WordPress with plugins

With WordPress, most customizations are made through plugins that you install through the admin panel. While some plugins already exist, you might need something more specific than what’s already available.

For example, there are countless plugins to incorporate social media sharing buttons into your posts and pages, but you might want the buttons to appear in a different location, be a different size, or function differently.

When you hire a WordPress developer, they can create a custom plugin from scratch that will insert your social media sharing buttons however you’d like them to appear. If you need a feature that you can’t find in an existing plugin, you can hire a developer to create a custom plugin to meet your needs.

3. WordPress CMS is free

Cost is usually a significant consideration when building a website. You have three general options: build a site from scratch, use a self-hosted CMS and buy a theme, or pay for a hosted solution.If you’re building a custom website from scratch, you can expect to pay a significant fee for the development costs.

However, you won’t have a monthly fee, and your design will be part of your development costs. If you’re getting a website built on a hosted platform, you may not have high development costs, but you’ll be locked into paying a monthly fee for as long as you run your website.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a free content management system that does require you to host your site, but self-hosting is usually cheaper than hosted solutions. While you’ll need to pay for custom development, the actual software package is free, and so are all updates. Compared to other platforms that charge a monthly fee, like Shopify and BigCommerce, you’ll save plenty of money by using WordPress.

4. WordPress themes are affordable

Once you install the WordPress software, you’ll need to install a theme. A theme is essentially your website’s design. Since WordPress has been around for many years, there are thousands of theme developers who continually create and sell themes. Many themes can be found for less than $60, but it all depends on the features.

You can find pre-made themes in online theme repositories, or you can buy a theme directly from a developer. You can also hire a theme developer to create a custom theme specifically designed for your business.

Although you can have any theme customized to a degree, it’s always ideal to get a custom theme made just for your business. This will ensure that your design is a perfect match with your marketing strategies, embodies your brand, and functions exactly the way you want. You can expect to pay more for a fully custom theme, but it’s a worthwhile investment in your business.

5. Deploying WordPress is fast

Once you have a theme, it doesn’t take long to launch a website on WordPress. WordPress can be installed and configured in less than 30 minutes, and from there, you’ll need to install and configure your theme.

Themes take longer to set up, but you can start adding content even before your theme is fully configured. While your developer is working on your color scheme, typography, and design, you can add content to your pages and start your blog.

Depending on how much content you need to launch and how much custom work you need, you could have a simple website up and running in a few days or a few weeks.

6. You can edit your own website with WordPress

Being able to edit your content is one of the best reasons to use WordPress. If you value your time, you need the freedom to create new blogs and new pages and edit your content on a whim. As a business owner, you don’t have time to contact a developer each time you want to edit your content.

For example, say you want to change some prices, edit a product description, or swap out some information on one of your product pages. If you have to wait for a developer, it might take a week or two to get your changes completed.

On the other hand, if you can edit your content, it will be done in minutes. Not being able to edit your content can set you back when you add new products and cause you to lose revenue if there’s an issue with your site. For instance, you might need to correct a price or add a unique item to your shop, and if you have to wait for a developer, you’ll lose revenue every day you need to wait.

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