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6 Ways Gun Shop Owners Can Turn Online Visitors Into Customers

The gun-buying process can take up to 3 months – from online research, background checks, learning how to shoot, FFL transfer, buying a safe and holster, and choosing the right gun. This means that gun shop owners have to do everything possible to make the gun buying process easier.

Unfortunately, there are limitations on how you can market your gun shop online. Google, Instagram, and Facebook rule when it comes to online customer acquisition and engagement, but for gun shop owners, these are out of the question. 

Over 80% of all purchases (online and offline) begin with a web search. For this reason, you need a digital marketing strategy that will attract more customers and increase your sales.

So, with restrictions due to your industry, is it impossible to advertise your guns, ammunition, and accessories online?

No way!

Follow these 6 actionable tips to market your gun shop online and turn your audience into customers.

Truly understand the buyer’s journey

As a gun shop owner, the first step to getting more online visitors is to ensure your website adequately addresses the gun buyer’s journey. Does your website answer all your customer’s questions? Does it simplify the gun buying process? Are you able to build trust with your potential clients?

For you to get more online visitors and increase sales, you need to understand the buyer journey. A typical buyers journey will have three stages:

  1. Awareness stage: In this stage, your prospects are doing some online research to understand their problem.
  2. Consideration stage: Here, prospects have understood their problem and are looking for the best methods to solve them.
  3. Decision stage: Prospects that get to this stage have a list of vendors and products that will help solve their problems. But before they decide, they’ll do some more research to cut the long list.

If you don’t truly understand the buyer’s journey, you’ll not be able to attract customers online, which means you’ll not have a more predictable sales forecast.

Invest in gun shop SEO

Most digital marketing leaders know that search engine optimization is vital for attracting new customers who are interested in purchasing a gun and have even done a Google search. 

Potential gun buyers will use purchase-intent keywords like “best rifle” or “best shotgun shell reloader.” When these prospects type keywords like “gun sellers near me” in their search engine, SEO is the secret sauce that will direct them to your website.

When it comes to gun shop SEO, you’ll have to optimize your website in the following ways:

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Create content around the high-value keywords
  • Have a strong internal linking strategy to tie your content together
  • Improve site speed
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Use title tags and meta descriptions in your posts to describe your content

All these website optimization strategies are easy to implement and they’ll help you meet Google’s algorithm requirements. They’ll also improve your organic search ranking.

Create a website that converts more customers

To engage prospects and convert them to customers, you need a good small business website that is visually pleasing and easy to use. In addition, your website needs to be informative and relevant to the needs and interests of your audience.

Implement the following elements in your website to encourage conversions:

  • Vivid images: When selling guns, ammunition, and gun accessories online, use clear images to show your products from different angles. Consider adding a magnifier to allow users to see greater details.
  • Call to action (CTA): When your online visitors decide to make a purchase, include a CTA button such as “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” to make it easier for them to purchase.
  • Testimonials: The opinions of customers who have already bought your products can affect the decisions of your visitors. Therefore, ensure that your website features testimonials and reviews.

Build a blog

A blog is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic and engage customers. They help you build trust and make you an authority in your niche. Your customers visit your website when looking for answers to their questions. And even though you have a gun shop business website, you can address your customer’s pain points and concerns through your blog.

According to Forbes, the more valuable your information is to your audience, the more they’ll trust you and purchase from you. In addition, blogging regularly will make your business seem more active, trustworthy, and welcoming.

Here are three other reasons why you should be blogging:

  1. B2C businesses that blog generate 88% more leads than those that don’t
  2. Consumers visit blogs for information before they make a purchase
  3. Blogs attract repeat visitors

Create downloadable offers

As you blog more frequently on topics that are of value to your target audience, you will attract potential customers to your website and keep them there for longer. At this point, you’ll need to create downloadable offers in the form of catalogs or how-to guides, among others. 

However, for your customers to get these offers, they’ll have to trade this information for their email addresses. Once a customer leaves their email, you can start sending offers directly to them. 

However, ensure that you create an email marketing database that shifts strangers to loyal customers. This will help you close more sales.

Nurture leads with email marketing

Email marketing is an important strategy that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy. In fact, it was cited as the best strategy for retaining customers.

After you create an email marketing list, you can use email marketing to educate leads and customers about your products. You can do this by sharing things like upcoming sales, website content, product reviews, and new guns or accessories.

Email marketing will help to turn your online visitors into customers by keeping your gun shop at the top of their minds. By sharing things with your prospects, you will give them a reason to visit your website more often, especially when they receive discounts and new product offerings.

Create a successful online gun business

Is your gun business getting noticed? It’s harder now than ever to get the attention of some 5 million new gun owners. On the other hand, gun businesses that have invested in digital marketing programs are now reaping impressive profits.

If you’ve been on the fence about marketing your gun shop online and you want to capture the market, contact us today. Our digital marketing team will help you craft a marketing plan that will increase organic traffic and turn your visitors into customers.

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