Secure Your Business
With 1Password

Productive businesses use 1Password to secure employees at scale

1Password makes it simple to create and share unique, strong passwords. More than 70,000 companies, including 25 percent of Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, as well as technology leaders like Slack and Dropbox, trust 1Password to to secure their business.

With 1Password, you can securely share everything you need to work together, and give employees access to logins, documents, credit cards, and more, on all their devices.

1Password is the world’s most-loved password manager, with top ratings from G2Crowd and Trustpilot, and has been named top password manager by leading media outlets including Wired, The New York Times, and CNET.

1Password – The 1 For Business

The secure enterprise password manager

  • 1Password is secure by design. The information you store in 1Password is end-to-end encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Only you can decrypt your data.
  • Rather than relying on a single point of failure, 1Password is the only password manager to combine a Master Password with a unique, locally generated, 128-bit Secret Key to authenticate.
  • Tamper-proof, end-to-end encryption protects your data at rest and in transit.
  • 1Password protects against brute-force attacks by using PBKDF2 for key derivation,
    making it harder for someone to repeatedly guess your Master Password.
  • Secure Remote Password (SRP) authenticates your credentials without sending them
    over the Internet.
  • 1Password is designed with privacy at its core. Its zero-knowledge architecture means
    the data you save in 1Password can’t be accessed by anyone else, including us.

Compliance built-in

  • 1Password is compliant with the most stringent industry standards for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Create security policies, set firewall rules, and monitor your team’s access with Advanced Protection.
  • Get an insight into how your business is using 1Password with tailored analytics. Integrate with tools like Splunk to create custom alerts and detailed logs.
  • Use the Activity Log to create an audit trail.
  • 1Password offers two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security. Use authenticator apps, U2F security keys, or Duo for your business account.
  • Travel Mode lets you temporarily remove sensitive vaults from devices before you travel.
  • 1Password is SOC 2 and GDPR compliant and is regularly reviewed by independent
    security experts.
  • 1Password offers regional hosting and pricing in Canada and Europe for data residency

Full control and visibility

  • 1Password gives you complete control over passwords and other sensitive business information.
  • By combining ease-of-use with sophisticated administrative tools, 1Password helps maintain productivity, increase security, and decrease the frustration of passwords.
  • 1Password gives employees secure access to any app or website, not just those covered by SSO.
  • Reclaim employee time spent guessing or resetting passwords, and better understand the online services employees use.
  • Use built-in reports to see how your team is using 1Password, including who has access to what, and when they last accessed it.
  • Integrate with tools like Splunk to create custom alerts and detailed logs.
  • Set permissions at scale, or customize access by user, group, or vault. Delegate
    administrative responsibilities to trusted members to help you manage your account.
  • Manage employee access with unlimited shared vaults and 13 vault permissions.
  • Create custom groups to organize your team, manage the vaults they have access to,
    and grant team-level permissions, like the ability to manage billing or recover accounts.
  • Recover access for team members that can’t sign in to their account.
  • Share vaults with people on a limited basis with 20 free guest accounts.

Automate tasks with trusted integrations

  • 1Password integrates with Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and Slack so you can provision employees using the systems you already trust.
  • Use the command-line tool to integrate 1Password with your business tools.
  • Import data into 1Password from applications like Chrome, Dashlane, LastPass,
    SplashID, and Roboform.
  • Configure the 1Password Slack app so you’re automatically notified when anything
    needs your attention.
  • Integration with Rippling enables enterprise password management to secure HR and IT
    administration at scale.
  • Integrate 1Password with your apps, websites, and workflows using our developer

Identify potential threats before they happen

Domain Breach Report

  • See if company email addresses or credentials have been exposed in a data breach, and invite employees to 1Password to secure exposed entry points.
  • Send a customizable email notification to everyone who has been affected, including those not using 1Password, so they can update their information right away.
  • Surface the most pressing threats and prioritize next actions by filtering breach results by the types of information exposed in each case.
  • Intervene surgically and reach out directly to affected employees with accounts that pose an immediate risk.

The privacy of your team is always maintained:

  • 1Password requires you to verify your domains before creating a report. Only you can create reports for your domains.
  • Only a 1Password owner in your business can create a domain breach report.
  • You can only see what types of information have been exposed, not what they are. Your
    passwords and other data remain private.
  • Personally sensitive breaches, such as breaches of adult dating sites, do not appear in
    the report.


  • Watchtower integrates with Have I Been Pwned to automatically alert you when websites you use have been compromised.
  • Get alerts for weak, reused, and compromised company passwords, so you can update them right away.
  • Identify websites that support two-factor authentication, but don’t have a one-time password.
  • Watchtower also flags unsecured websites and expiring items.
  • Everything is checked locally on your device.

Secure teams without slowing them down

  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS, as well as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Use the password generator to create strong, unique passwords for every account.
  • Fill usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and addresses on websites and apps,
    with a single click.
  • Use 1Password as an authenticator for TOTP (time-based one-time password) logins.
  • Store more than just passwords. Save logins, credit cards, addresses, bank account
    details, documents, and more in 1Password.
  • Make online payments more securely by creating unique virtual payment cards for each
    site you use and saving them in 1Password. Only 1Password integrates directly with
  • Unlock 1Password with biometrics: Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello, and Fingerprint
  • Use your Apple Watch to unlock 1Password on any Mac with a Secure Enclave.
  • Access your data online and offline.
  • Add multiple accounts to the 1Password apps so you can see all your data in one place.
  • Restore deleted items or revert to a previous version of an item with one year of item
  • Encourage good password habits at home. With 1Password Business all employees get
    1Password Families for free (worth$60/year per person).

Smart security features keep your data safe

  • Always requires your input. To protect your data from shoulder surfers and browser-based attacks, 1Password only displays or fills data when you tell it to.
  • Removes data from your clipboard. You can set 1Password to remove data from your clipboard after a specific amount of time.
  • Only works in verified browsers. 1Password only fills your details if your browser is signed by an identified developer.
  • Protects against phishing. 1Password only fills credentials on the sites where you saved them.
  • Protects your data from keyloggers. 1Password uses secure input fields to prevent other tools from knowing what you type in 1Password.


  • 1Password Business is $7.99 per person per month when paid annually.
  • You can try it free for 14 days.
  • Businesses that have additional compliance and administrative requirements can
    contact us for a custom quote.
  • Discounts are also available for education providers and non-profit organizations.