As more people rely on the internet, organization owners must know the growing importance of digital marketing. It also means finding the right platforms to promote their content, including WordPress. 

WordPress is one of the most famous content management systems (CMS) worldwide. It’s a cost-effective option that’s easy to use and customizable. Like other significant organization investments, it also needs regular maintenance. However, it’s crucial to do it properly to prevent creating a negative user experience. 

In this article will discuss seven WordPress maintenance mistakes to avoid and the best ways to prevent them. 

1. Using Poor Web Hosting

Your web hosting provider can significantly impact how your WordPress website runs. The wrong one will provide poor customer support, weak security systems, slower loading times, and no daily backups. On the other hand, working with a reputable web hosting service provider will save you from expensive mistakes and provide an optimal user experience. 

2. Using Too Many Plugins

While plugins are essential to keeping your site unique and user-friendly, too many of these software codes can put your WordPress website in danger. It gives hackers the perfect opportunity for hackers to cause a data breach, especially if you have an updated plugin. They can also affect your website’s loading time. 

Moreover, more plugins will be much more difficult to track. You can prevent these expensive mistakes by only installing those suitable for your website and visitors. 

3. Not Taking the Necessary Security Precautions

Besides attracting customers, hosting a website for your business also exposes it to potential data breaches and cyberattacks. For this reason, you should always protect it from vulnerabilities. Otherwise, it could harm your brand reputation because customers don’t feel safe. 

Your search results will also suffer because Google will mark your website as unsafe. Finding reputable WordPress maintenance services is the best way to prevent these. 

4. Not Indexing Your Site

Your work continues once you launch your website. It’s a work in progress that needs regular maintenance, including learning how to index it. Otherwise, it could hurt your search optimization efforts and make you miss out on potential organic traffic. 

To activate indexing, go to settings, press the reading button, and uncheck the”Discourage search engines from indexing this site” box.

5. Neglecting Updates

WordPress maintenance services best recommend regularly updating the website’s core software, themes, and plugins to ensure your online platform’s optimal performance. 

Otherwise, your website can suffer from buggy plugins and hidden security vulnerabilities in non-updated features. Not upgrading your website can create a slow and poorly optimized user experience. 

6. Working Live without Backup

When company owners design a website for their business, they usually overlook the importance of proper backup before starting their project. Backups are a critical component in protecting your website during a security breach. They also help you restore things when you make an expensive mistake. 

Another common mistake is hiring a professional to redesign a website without a backup of the older version. It also leads to expensive mistakes if they work on the current version with irreversible changes. 

While it’s best to back up your website, WordPress maintenance services recommend not working on the live site when designing. 

7. Not Conducting Performance Checks

People want to visit a fast website. You want to ensure visitors will see your website in less than two seconds. Speed and response time are crucial elements for conversion. 

You can measure your website’s performance by conducting regular performance checks. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on potential leads. 


Several businesses invest in WordPress for their digital marketing strategies because they’re easy to use and customizable. However, they must also know how to maintain their website’s best condition. Reaching out to the best WordPress maintenance services can help you make informed decisions for your company. 

Warren Research offers the best WordPress maintenance services to help business owners gain more web traffic and increase brand awareness. Contact us now, and let’s help you keep a fully-functioning website!

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