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SEO 101: All about Producing Reader-Friendly Content

The content of a search engine-optimized website must give users specific, easy-to-read, and digestible information. The user could be from any country and have any background, complicating the process. The user can be of any age and may not understand the language of the information.

Whatever the circumstances, SEO content must be interesting, informative, and message-driven.

However, creating content that is optimized for search engines complicates the process. It is difficult to create SEO material for an algorithm. SEO content writers may have the impression that they are writing for web-crawling, information-reading search engine bots.

Read on to discover what you have to know about producing reader-friendly content.

What is Reader-Friendly Content?

Readers’ preferences may differ. Reading and taste are both highly subjective phenomena. There are a few general patterns, though, that make some text readable.

We characterize reader-friendly content using the following criteria:

  • Skimmable Information

Contrary to popular belief, reader-friendly information should not be read, but it should be skimmable.

Users expect rapid responses to particular questions when they inquire. The purpose of search engines is to reply to user requests fast and painlessly. The search results do not encourage extensive reading.

Search engines value skimmable content. Search engines encourage consumers to read content fast, receive the information they need, and move on to the next query.

No more than four paragraphs should be placed after each headline. No paragraph should be more than 6 lines long. This style makes the text easy to scan but isn’t always readable.

Search engines attempt to quickly please users so they may go on to the next question. More inquiries equal better results.

  • Visually Appealing

Reader-friendly content should use appealing typefaces and avoid eye-straining hues.

The vast majority of internet users read on their mobile devices. Others are watching on their laptops or iPads. They must also battle with screen glare and reflections while focusing on the black text on a white background.

To break up the text, images, charts, and graphs are used. Images can also be used to enhance or replace headlines in order to inform readers about the substance of paragraphs. The various Procreate brush types, such as watercolor, pattern, texture, and tattoo, allow you to quickly create appealing graphics.

Moreover, you can use bullet points to split up text. Bullet points and numbered lists make reading easier. Separating paragraphs help lessen eye strain.

  • Right Tone

SEO material is usually casual. Authors frequently address their readers as friends. In my opinion, this tone is overused.

The content may not benefit from an overly familiar “pleasant” tone. Keyword queries are typically answered with SEO content. Users in these scenarios require authoritative content. Some readers consider that “casual, welcoming tone” and “authority” are diametrically opposed concepts.

SEO material is often more friendly than informative, but it is possible to be both. To find the balance, avoid the overuse of exclamation points, remove rhetorical questions, lessen analogies, and use digestible words.

It is difficult to include stories in authoritative texts without deviating from the subject. Information that is optimized for search engines should include positives, negatives, and statistics. Anecdotes would turn the information into an essay. Anecdotes have their place, but they rarely solve user questions. They also make scanning text more challenging.


When it comes to writing SEO content, milk your creative juices and find the balance between being friendly, informative, and authoritative. Be direct, avoid unnecessary exclamation points, and add a human tone that allows the common user to absorb the information in the most practical way. Try this out and see your desired results in no time!

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