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The Importance of WordPress Maintenance – What to Know

Importance of WordPress Maintenance

Major brands and bloggers use the world’s most well-liked website content management system, WordPress. According to W3Techs research, 33.6% of websites use WordPress, which makes up about 60% of all websites with a known content management system.

However, if a WordPress site owner fails to upgrade to the latest version or neglects site maintenance, it can pose significant data and financial threats to their business. This is why continuous WordPress website maintenance is just as essential as having a website for your business.

Learn more about the reasons why it is necessary to have WordPress maintenance:

1. Level-Up Security

Data thieves and hackers constantly target WordPress. Although WordPress security is generally good, it’s easy to overlook website management basics. This can result in security flaws in your installation.

According to WordFence, a well-known WordPress security firm, WordPress websites are targeted roughly 90,000 times every minute. The business has also found 3,972 known vulnerabilities in WordPress as of today. Plugins account for 52% of WordPress errors, core WordPress files for 37%, and themes for 1%.

Regular WordPress updates assist in repairing minor security flaws before they grow into more serious flaws. Otherwise, hackers will be able to tell that your website is outdated. As a result, they might consider you to be the perfect victim.

Your WordPress-savvy team can perform regular site audits. They can also suggest the newest security precautions and features. With their assistance, you won’t have to worry about hackers stealing confidential information or taking over your website.

2. Update Plugin Management

Plugins are unique software programs created by developers outside of the WordPress community. Due to WordPress’s excellent and complete plugin management system, it is challenging to find a website that does not use plugins. Keeping track of and updating plugins ensures there are only unused plugins on the website that might affect performance. 

The owner/developer is in charge of upgrading the plugins whenever WordPress publishes new software upgrades. When he provides WordPress-compatible updates, it should be maintained and updated once installed.

3. Theme Update

Since they allow each website to have a unique appearance while still being based on the WordPress core platform, themes are a crucial and essential part of the WordPress system.

Themes must be updated frequently to meet changing standards and provide the best user experience, just like core software.

Themes must be maintained and updated frequently because they can deteriorate over time and lose functionality, rendering a website unusable.

4. Spam Removing

Another benefit of properly maintaining a WordPress website is the elimination of spam. Any website that sees more visitors than usual should prepare for spam in the comments section. 

These spam comments could have been prevented if the WordPress website had been adequately maintained. Removing these makes the website look better and encourages visitors to leave comments and engage with the website, which is every blogger’s ultimate goal.

5. Fix Broken Links

For various reasons, broken links are bad for websites, the most important of which is affecting the site’s search engine rating. You may prevent website visitors from being confused by checking for broken links, professionally managing a WordPress website, and more. 

Any website must make sure that none of its links is broken if it hopes to compete and outrank other websites. A properly maintained website will periodically check for broken links and fix them as necessary.


WordPress maintenance is necessary to keep your site running smoothly and prevent downtime. Regularly updating your WordPress site ensures that your visitors have a positive experience and that your site remains accessible.

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