Most people think of business blogs as online diaries or journals. This is something that companies use to make an announcement. However, the reality of a business blog is far from that. While blogs were considered online diaries in the mid-90s, the prevalence of content marketing has made blogging an extremely powerful marketing tool. When used effectively, your business blog can enhance the quality of your website traffic by expanding brand awareness.

Here are a few other benefits of having a business blog

Your Business Blog Can Help Boost organic traffic to your website

Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your SEO and increase organic traffic. When you blog frequently, search engines will have more content to crawl and index. Eventually, search engines will recognize your website as a resource for useful information that can help people. 

Besides, you can update your blog with valuable content that your audience can share with others online. According to Hubspot, businesses that blog consistently receive 97% more backlinks to their website from others. When other users post content on your behalf, your content will reach a large audience.

Establish brand authority

High-traffic blogs have one thing in common: the followers trust the authors to bring valuable information in a particular niche. Your online audience is looking for a credible source whose expertise puts them in a leading position. For this reason, if starting a YouTube channel or a podcast isn’t your thing and you’re not ready to give Ted talks, blogging is a better way to demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility.

To establish brand authority, incorporate these three ingredients in all your blog posts:

  • Quality content: While your products or services may be of superior quality compared to the competition, prospects or new customers may not know about them. This means that the growth of your business will stagnate. You can prevent such a scenario by creating content that adds value.
  • Create relevant blog posts: A relevant blog post should be in tune with both current and future news and focus on a specific field. Therefore, ensure that you learn more about the latest development in your field. For instance, you can blog about new technology that could affect your field.
  • Use catchy titles: You may spend hours writing content that can be helpful to your readers. But do you spend just a few seconds writing the blog title? This is a serious problem. This is because your title won’t attract readers to click on the post. Therefore, as you spend time keyword searching and writing the blog post, you should equally spend some time researching and brainstorming blog headlines.

Build a relationship with your prospects and customers

You can choose to invest in Google and social media ads. Unfortunately, this marketing strategy will give you inorganic traffic. On the other hand, one of the benefits of having a business blog is that they allow commenting, which is a great way for your business to engage and interact with existing customers and potential customers. This boosts public confidence and creates a positive image of an approachable business.

When blogging, ensure that each blog post has a comments section. Remember to also respond quickly to customer comments and form a personal relationship with them to give your business a human image.

Convert more leads Through Your Blog

Your website is already generating some traffic; now your next task is to convert that traffic into valuable leads. With a blog, you will have a great chance to generate leads with your content and do a lot more things by adding a CTA to every piece of content. 

To achieve this, you must offer something valuable to your consumers if you want them to give you their email addresses. Try giving out free webinars, e-books, or free consultations. Once the prospects provide their contact information, make sure that your sales team makes a follow-up with the new leads.

Create high-value backlinks

A blog can greatly help you when it comes to generating backlinks. Backlinks on the other hand can increase your ranking and make you an authority. But, how does that work? Usually, when sites link back to your content, Google and other search engines perceive you as an excellent source for that particular subject.

Therefore, backlinks act as recommendations and can also help boost your website’s authority. Blogging will offer you an excellent means to make your website seem favorable to search engine algorithms and get additional inbound links. 

However, be careful with backlinks, because, depending on your target keyword, the number of backlinks you get can either make or break your website.

Worthwhile marketing

Every day, marketing experts advise business owners to capitalize on cost-effective marketing strategies, like blogging and SEO. This is mainly because, when done the right way, blogging and SEO can give your business free marketing. So, start by making sure that your blogs are optimized and of high quality. That way, you will get more traffic. Besides, you can always shift tactics while keeping your SEO campaigns current.

Your Business Blog Can Be An additional revenue stream

When you add a blog to your website, you can think of how you can use it to make money for your business. Blogging can be a good way to make money, and besides, bloggers with a large audience use their blogs to make money. Through affiliate marketing and PPC ad campaigns, you too can use your blog to advertise for other sites.

Long-term solution

When done right, your blog will be ranked highly on search engines. When this happens, you can rest assured that you will still get traffic to your website and generate leads for months or even years. Do not be in a hurry to get instant leads; instead, be patient and give your blog time to spark interest in your potential customers. And if you write quality content with the right keywords, you will gain the desired results. 

Also, timeless blog topics will guarantee continuous traffic to your site. So, consider writing about subjects that will be interesting to your customers.

Bottom Line

From a practical perspective, there are several benefits of having a business blog on your website. With just little effort and expense, you get to boost your ranking on search engines, increase web traffic, generate more leads, and create backlinks.

If you have a business website and you want to integrate a blog for content marketing purposes, contact us today. Our WordPress management experts and digital marketers will add a blog to your site and help you scale quickly.

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